Looking for dog-friendly restaurants in Malta? We’ve got you covered. The days of struggling to find a delicious meal with your fluffy companion are finally behind you. Below are the very best restaurants in Malta and Gozo where the staff will be as excited to see you as your four-legged friend.

Looking for more dog friendly restaurants near you? Check out our full list of dog-friendly spots in Malta (We have covered over 100 dog friendly spots!).

Top Dog Friendly Spots in Malta & Gozo

Tal-Petut Restaurant in Birgu, Malta.

Tal-Petut restaurant have always been the gold-standard for genuinely good Maltese food on the islands. Luckily for us, they’re also very excited and happy to have dogs visit their wonderful home of good food.

The Boathouse in Xlendi, Gozo.

Canines are more than welcome at this fantastic restaurant by the sea. Invited with their human friends to enjoy the scenery alongside a menu of delicious fresh fish, this is a great place to finish a walk along the water.

Palazzo Castelletti in Rabat, Malta.

If your pooch enjoys the finer things in life, be sure to take them with you to visit Palazzo Castelletti in Rabat, Malta. They’re so dog-friendly they even have designated areas both indoors and outdoors which are specifically dedicated for customers willing to bring their pet while dining out.

La Buona Trattoria del Nonno in St Paul’s Bay, Malta.

Famous for their “best spare ribs in Malta”, and for their hospitality, this restaurant is certainly a top-pick! Luckily, their hospitality also extends to our four-legged friends. Expect a lot of love for your dog, accompanied by great food & service.

Diar il-Bniet in Dingli, Malta.

From farm to table. If you’re looking for the freshest, most delicious this island can offer you, look no further! Bring your dog along, sit back, relax, and feast the mouth-wateringly good food sourced from their very own farm!

This sums up our favourite dog friendly spots. But the list doesn’t end here! We have hundreds of dog friendly spots in Malta for you to discover, just click here to discover more!

When visiting these restaurants, PLEASE be a considerate dog-owner. When you dine with your dogs, keep in mind it is a privilege, not a given. Places in Malta & Gozo are opening up to the idea, so let’s do our best to keep that momentum going. It’s upsetting to hear that some of the restaurants have reverted their policies because they had “bad experiences.”

  • Make sure you make a booking before visiting the restaurant (and let them know that you’re bringing your dog with you!! Most restaurants have reserved spots for tables with dogs)
  • Keep your dog on a leash and within the area of your table.
  • Keep them out of the way (preferably sitting under the table)
  • Make sure they don’t bark and are well-trained to stay quiet throughout the whole evening.

Otherwise, go forth and conquer the world with doggy love. In our experience, dogs are quite often much better behaved than humans – but there’s a huge prejudice that we have to overcome, so let’s all work together to give our dogs a good name!


  • Claudio Bondin

    Don berto in Birgu accepts dogs also.

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