Summer is coming, and so is the heat. What better way to refresh yourself and your dog than going for a nice swim? Here’s a list of our favourite spots:

North Malta

Imġiebaħ Bay (Selmun)

Let your dog splash! Dogs allowed in water, just keep them on a leash 🙂

Near Splash & Fun (Bahar ic-Caghaq)

Be careful here! Only experienced dogs should swim here.


Two spots in Armier are dog friendly for swimming! One near Torri l-Abjad, and the other at Dahlet ix-Xmajjar. Experienced dog swimmers recommended.

South Malta

Rinella Bay (Kalkara)


Xwejni Bay (Marsalforn)

Dogs are allowed to swim here! But they are also requested to be kept on a leash while on land.


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